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Cashy's Day

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Where was I again?..............oh yeh ! May. 4th, 2005 @ 07:58 pm

Good gracious me and don't you worry about that. Hubby videoed Joh's funeral last night and so I spent 2 hours crying and praising the Lord.  What a testimony to Jesus that funeral was.........it was truly amazing..............and what a glorious woman that Flo is.....I just seriously love her.

Now...............heavy stuff..............did my stats exam on Monday........got 75%, one wrong...............but how..........I recalculated and recalculated but to no avail, kept getting the same answer.  I have to find where I went wrong before the real exam on Monday..............I frantically posted my confession onto the discussion board and fellow failers replied confessing to equally failing.  Nobody could work out what we had done.................and then along came an angel named Catherine.........................I never even noticed in the exam or in the frenetic scramblings afterwards that one of the key numbers was a negative one...............Catherine was very gracious in her tutoring and I found, much to my delight that the answer was indeed correct after all and I had learned one very valuable lesson.................READ EVERYTHING !!!!!!    Thankyou God for the Catherine's of this world !!!!!!

How did I spend my day you ask ?????  Well my afternoon at least was spent in the operating theatre.........yes I had to go with a child while she had an operation.  I had to wait with her until they took her to theatre, then wait with her until they knocked her out and then wait outside the door until she was awake again and then be with her in recovery...................I almost got a broken nose from her............the pleasures of coming out of anasthetic (or however you spell it). The worst part of the whole event was that they told me I could wait in the waiting room of the theatre..............I couldn't go back to the ward because I had my little blue hat on along with my blue shoe covers and white gown..........glorious !!!!!!.  I pushed the door of the waiting room opened only to find it full of people having a meeting.  "oh sorry" I exclaimed  'I was told to wait in here".  "We won't be long" they chorused.  As I closed the door I heard the social worker and the physiotherapist say "you look gorgeous Cathy"...............................I spent the next 3/4 of an hour in the corridor in front of the door through which my little client was being ''done'.........pacing, pacing, pacing.  I spoke with othere children as they came in for their turn and they readily conversed with me, thinking I was one of the nurses..........one fellow - a wardsman even asked me if I knew where 'Kim' was.   I eventually succumbed to an invitation to wait in the staff smoko room.............finally off my feet, blessed relief.  I think that other mob are still in the waiting room having their meeting!!!!!!!!

Finally back to the ward with my cherub...................she slept while I jealoused..................then she had some icecream, custard and jelly while I continued to jealous. Finally I was able to take her back to her carers but not before she had given me a very spontaneous hug, evidence of which I have on my white trousers as a blood stain, from her sore  little mouth.......................such is love !!!

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Ist of May..........hooray May. 1st, 2005 @ 10:13 pm
First of May already...............who could believe it !!!!!!

I'm almost ready for my exam on the 9th. There is a practice one tomorrow and my grandees are coming....i think i have only tomorrow to do it too !!!!!! Imagine doing a stats exam with 3 precious ones constantly knocking on the door and saying 'c'mon grandee, let's go for a swim'. Even though it's a practice, I was hoping it would show me if I was ready for the real one or not - mind you here I am panicking........well as much as a sanquine/phelgmatic can panic ............and I haven't even looked up to see how long it will be available.....will do that after I leave you.

Hubby and I were sitting in church today. Our son and his wife and children were there. Our daughter and her husband and children were in church in Brisbane at the same time..........I didn't think much about this until Hubby and I were praying tonight and he told the Lord how much it blessed him to know that his entire family was in church worshipping God..............he just gets sweeter and sweeter.

Also, how good it is to know that we can leave our kids in His hands, knowing they are safer than in our hands. He knows every thought and every intent, every pain and every pleasure. He sees when they come in and when they go out...........What a great God, who could be without Him.

And the best part - despite our unfaithfulness, He continues to remain faithful and He just keeps on lovin' us. It's true what the Bible says "It's Your kindness that brings us to repentance O Lord"
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Current Music: I just keep fallin' in love with Him

Poor Little Me Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 10:59 pm
Sickness, Sickness, Sickness...............Woe is me.

I spent one night last week in a motel with a child that needed supervision. I usually have plenty of my own water with me......beautiful Babinda water........but I had used it during the day and was forced to drink the local water. Foolish me, I drank a few mouthfuls of the water from the jug in the refrigerator and by Friday I was coming down.

Saturday I had to supervise the child again. Thank God for DVD's........we stayed in the board room of the office all day watching them, as the rain poured down outside. I lay on the bean bags feeling not too good. Saturday night went to a 21st birthday party and sat with the grandys all night watching the same DVD. Sunday skipped church and stayed in bed. Monday still sick, but study, study, study..............Tuesday back at work and becoming worse..........stomach very sore and bloated, walked around the office with my Jeans button undone...........went to the doctor.......self-diagnosed but correct - GIARDIA - popped a couple of pills and here it is Wednesday night and I am still waiting for them to work...............and, it's still raining.

Good news now.................The Lord has delivered my little sister safely home from China.........I felt immediate relief as soon as I knew she was back on home soil. Welcome home my precious, God-given gift.

End of semester is breathing down my neck with soooooooooooooooooooooo much work to and not enough time to do it in.

Still..............I'm happy.
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Current Music: Fill Me Up Lord

Things that go bump in the night Apr. 12th, 2005 @ 01:11 pm

Well did I do some work yesterday or what ?????  I sat here for nearly 12 hours...............a little bit of intelligence wouldn't go astray.  In the end I was standing up to type, 'cos my bum was so sore......BUT........ I am accomplishing and that is the main thing.

When I went to bed, I could not sleep because of all the overactive brain waves, so struggled and struggled until hubby started to sing out and make some garbled noises beside me.  Thinking he was having a nightmare, I began to gently stroke his arm and assure that it was ok.  After what seemed like an interminable period of time I understood him to say turn the light on.  As I turned the light on his speech began to normalise and he said that he couldn't put his arm down.  His right arm had been up under his pillow and when he had gone to move it down beside his body, he got half-way before becoming paralysed and being able to go no further.  At the same time his vocal chords became paralysed and try as he might he could not make me understand that it was not a nightmare, but something more sinister.    I held his arm and gently prised it down beside his body amidst his groans.  When he was able to speak properly he said that he woke up paralysed and was trying to alert me.  He found it incredibly frustrating because he realised that I thought he was having a nightmare and was frantically trying to tell me otherwise.  Was that freaky or what ???

I got up this morning and looked at the house - the house of one who works full time and studies full time and tried to imagine what it would have been like if I had to have called the ambulance last night............................shame...........Glen would have had to suffer alone as I ran around and hid things before they came in a bid to make the place look more as if humans actually lived here.

Needless to say the books were left behind temporarily this morning as I restored the house to some sort of glory.  I told hubby that his contribution was our bedroom but at last glance the cobwebs and dust are still there as marked testament to a disobedient husband.

Hubby is ok today.  There seems to be no accounting for what happened in the dead of night.  I just hope that it is never repeated.

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: How beautiful is Your voice

Life just whizzes by Apr. 9th, 2005 @ 08:14 pm

Wednesday I had to go to Cairns and whilst there, I went into a health food shop to see if i can something to curb my ever-increasing menopausal weightgain. The woman counselled me on the 'best' thing that she could offer me. I made my purchase and set off. When I got home, I checked the ingredients to see what they were and found that each capsule containged 17.5 mg of caffiene. The directions say to take 3 tablets a day, before meals.........well I did that plus had my usual couple of coffees during Thursday and on Thursday night, you couldn't keep me down. My mind was so clear and optiminally functioning that I managed to write nearly 1000 words of a 3000 word assignment. At midnight hubby sang out 'don't you ever get tired'. I had a shower and went to bed and lay there forever before getting to sleep and on  Friday I was like a zombie............what a rush !!!!!

I finally purchased a printer on Friday, and it does photo's beautifully.

 Saturday (today) the grandbabies came for a visit - parentless. My daughter-in-law rang me this morning 'Mum, I know you're busy with assignments and things but would you be able to watch the kids for a couple of hours while Rodney and I go to Cairns to buy Liam his birthday present' 'Oh Rachel, you know how much I hate having those kids'. She brought them up anyway and we spent the day swimming, playing on the computer, swimming, walking, playing on the computer and eating and swimming...........oh and running in the rain !!!! We had George Foreman for lunch, the kids favourites.........and Liam and I polished off some licorice, while Ethan and Emily spat theres out of the nearest exit. Emily wrote a couple of stories and was so proud to publish them with the new printer. Parents bought her a new swimsuit back - a pink spotted bikini. She put them on and danced around saying 'I look soooooooooooooooooo good in these' (she did too!).

I had my pills today, but either they didn't work or I was too busy too notice, but I'm tired tonight.......I do have to do a few more words though, so I will love and leave you .

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Other entries
» Share my labour with me
I decided that seeing as I have been slaving away here all night, I should share the results of my slavings with you. This is a subject that is well debated contemporaneously, so I thought as you my humble readers are representative of society you would be interested in it.

The topic. Are antidepressants safe and effective?. One of the major issues was do antidepressants cause suicide.

This question is to be answered and posted on the subject discussion board for assessment. There are no right or wrong answers. I have found in Psychology, there is no right or wrong there is just research.

Bear in mind, as you say "Has it taken her all night just to do this?" that I have managed to complete it while speaking with 2 of my grandchildren on msn (simultaneously) and instructing hubby how to prepare the casserole for the crockpot (actually all I did was ask him to rinse the pot for me so that I could prepare the ingredients before I go to bed, but because he is being a honey today, he went the whole hog) - AND - he only interrupted me 10 times in the process. Bless his heart, I am soooooo appreciative of his gesture, cos it means that I can give you my work and then go to bed.

Here it goes...........it's not too long, so please stay awake.

Toxicological screening of over 14000 people who had committed suicide were compared with over 26000 cases of deaths by accident or natural causes in Sweden in the years 1992-2000. It was found that the SSRI’s had lower odd ratios than other depressants and that overall the increased risk of suicide by people taking SSRI’s was not supported (Isacsson, Holmgren, Ahlner 2005).
A study by Jick, Kaye and Jick (2004) showed that the risk of suicide was about the same regardless of whether the antidepressant was an SSRI or not. It was found, however, that nonfatal suicide behaviour is 4 times more likely to occur within fewer than 10 days after receiving a first antidepressant prescription and almost 3 times more likely to occur within 10 to 29 days after a first antidepressant prescription than is likely 90 days after the first prescription. It was concluded that the presence of suicidal ideation may not be associated with the antidepressant, but rather because enough time may have not passed for the antidepressant to have begun it’s effect (Jick, Kaye & Jick 2004).

Studies have found that babies exposed to SSRI’s in the womb may be born with withdrawal syndrome (Sanz, De-las-Cuevas, Kiuru, Bate, Edwards 2005).

Others studies show reduced pain responses in newborns after they had been exposed to antidepressants in utero (Oberlander, Grunau, Fitzgerald, Papsdorf 2005).

It is well known and supported in a report by Macdonald (1998) that the symptoms that one can experience during withdrawal from an antidepressant medication can have a significant impact on the quality of life of an individual. These symptoms can be physical or behavioural (Macdonald 1998).

In conclusion, in the studies that I have looked at (and they have been minimal) it would appear that there is very little evidence, if any, that antidepressants cause suicide, but there is some evidence (I only skimmed the surface) that there is a risk to the unborn children of women on antidepressants.

Jick, H., Kaye, J. & Jick, S. (2004). Antidepressants and the Risk of Suicidal Behaviors. JAMA. Chicago: Jul 21, 2004. Vol. 292, Iss. 3; p. 338. Retrieved April 6, 005 from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=669065371&sid=1&Fmt=3&clientId=20863&RQT=309&VName=PQD
Macdonald, Lyn (1998).Discontinuation reactions associated with SSRIs. Canadian Medical Association. Journal. Ottawa: Oct 6, 1998.Vol.159, Iss. 7; pg. 846. Retrieved April 6, 2004, from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=634240981&sid=1&Fmt=3&clientId=20863&RQT=309&VName=PQD

Oberlander, T., Grunau, R., Fitzgerald, C. & Papsdorf, M. Pain Reactivity in 2-Month-Old Infants After Prenatal and Postnatal Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Medication Exposure. Pediatrics. Evanston: Feb 2005.Vol.115, Iss. 2; Part 1. pg. 411, 15 pgs. Retrieved April 6, 2005 from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=793129571&sid=5&Fmt=4&clientId=20863&RQT=309&VName=PQD

Isacsson, G., Holmgren, P., Ahlner, J. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants and the risk of suicide: a controlled forensic database study of 14 857 suicides. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. Oxford: Apr 2005. Vol. 111, Iss. 4; p. 286. Retrieved April 6, 2005, from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=814545851&sid=4&Fmt=2&clientId=20863&RQT=309&VName=PQD

Sanz, E., Cuevas, C., Kiuru, A., Bate, A. Edwards, R. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in pregnant women and neonatal withdrawal syndrome: a database analysis. The Lancet. London: Feb 5-Feb 11, 2005. Vol. 365, Iss. 9458; p. 482 (6 pages). Retrieved April 6, 2005, from http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=792784651&sid=7&Fmt=4&clientId=20863&RQT=309&VName=PQD
» What a man !!!
Went to Cairns again. Dropped into the bookshop and bought Emily 4 more Famous Five.........how could I resist when they are 1/2 price.

Got home to find that hubby had vacuumed and mopped the entire house, as well as doing a couple of loads of washing and washed the dog..........sorry - the brown human.

Needless to say he is now paying for it. He has taken his morphine and reintroduced himself to his mattress.

The last few days his hearing has been giving him more challenges. He often feels as if both ears are blocked and when he walks it echoes and vibrates in his ears. It can suddenly release and he feels elated that it has gone, but it can return as suddenly as it left. When he is in the midst of it he has to speak extra softly otherwise he head booms with his voice.

"Why don't you see the doctor darl?"
"It's two and a half weeks before I have to get more pills"
"But you can go just to tell him about your ailments and not specifically to get your prescription filled"
"Na, I'm not wasting petrol just to do that"

What would Dr Phil say???????

The last 2 nights I have been speaking with my oldest grand-daughter (12) on msn. It's such a pleasure to log on to begin to work and then to find the msn thing pop up to tell me she is online and wanting to have a conversation with me. Not that I know it's her until I read the address at the end of the name, because she changes her name many times, even in the midst of a conversation. If I don't get my assignments done and actually obtain my degree it will because I can't say no to her. Every word is precious and I will NEVER fob her off. She is going back to school next week, so I guess the conversations will dwindle to a stop as she concentrates on HER assignments. We may just graduate together !!!!!
» On The Road Again
Well here begins another Journal journey............I hope you come with me and enjoy my life, my high's an my low's.

Why am I doing the journal thing again. Well someone said to me today 'you should write a book, your lif is so interesting' 'what is so interesting about driving up and down the highway and byways' 'no but other parts of your life are so interesting, you could write a book'. Maybe i will one day, when I find the life she obviously sees that I have.

Today I went to Cairns and whilst there I purchased a couple of books for my second grand-daughter - famous five. Emily is six with a reading age of ten..........I brought her an age appropriate book last Saturday and she devoured it in one setting, so off I went to the bookstore for something more challenging. i do hope the Famous Five can do the trick.

Today I took possession of my new spectacles...........blue rectangular frames.........quite nice, even if I say so myself.

I managed to secure 3 days off next week. I was supposed to have this week off, but was called back to work so I could trapse endlessly up and down the many highways and byways.

I have 2 assignments due, an exam in 5 weeks (stats - try remembering the formula for correlation.....much less ANOVA's in there many forms) and a job application which has to be in by the 18th. I'm exhausted thinking about it.
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