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Cashy's Day

How could you NOT be interested!

18 February
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I am a 53 year old hyperactive female. I have been married to the same husband for 36 years (boy am I tired!!). I have 2 magnificent children who have between them presented me with 7 delicious grandchildren. I am blessed to live in paradise and to have only the BEST friends.

I am studying Psychology (only so I can understand myself better)which means endless hours of self-discipline.

I work full-time in a job that keeps me VERY busy and reasonably fulfilled.

I am a committed Christian. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the centre of my very being. I adore Him and gladly let Him direct my paths (wobbly as they may seem to some). I KNOW that He knows what He is doing and am perfectly comfortable allowing Him to do it (just have to keep remembering to trust sometimes).